Welcome to Heath Park, the vibrant transformation of The Heath in Runcorn, Cheshire—the former chemical headquarters of ICI. Operated by SOG Ltd, a leading business and science park operator, Heath Park is set to redefine the landscape, blending residential, commercial, and retail spaces in a cutting-edge Net Zero carbon environment.

Currently home to 125 companies supporting around 2,000 jobs, Heath Park is stepping into the future by revamping outdated 1960s-style offices and laboratories. The vision? To create a dynamic and sustainable community that meets the challenges of tomorrow.

🏡 Ultra-Efficient Living: Imagine ultra-energy-efficient housing designed for maximum space utilisation, creating vibrant multi-functional streets for gathering, playing, and socialising.

🌳 Green Spaces: Relax and recharge in parkland and wooded areas designed for recreation, fostering a sense of well-being.

🏙️ Vibrant Hub: A new centre awaits with accessible services including shops, restaurants, bars, leisure, arts, and medical facilities.

🌿 Vertical Farming Revolution: Heath Park boasts a groundbreaking Vertical Farm, powered by renewable energy, growing carbon-negative produce—a game-changer for global ethical investors.

🚶 Inclusive Transport: An inclusive transport strategy ensures connectivity for all ages, promoting active lifestyles with safe walkways, cycle routes, and easy access to public transport.

🌱 Commitment to Community Well-being:

Heath Park is not just a visionary project; it’s a commitment to fostering healthy lifestyles, reducing loneliness, and addressing poverty. The meticulously planned scheme has been scrutinised by experts, guaranteeing:

✅ Business Park Survival: Ensuring the survival and growth of the existing Business Park for the next 30 years, offering increased employment opportunities.

🌍 Community Enrichment: Creating a balanced, vibrant community that enhances landscape quality, biodiversity, and provides green spaces for public access.

🌱 Health Impact: Significantly reducing the burden on health services through the promotion of active lifestyles and locally grown food.

🌍 Sustainability as a Global Commitment:

Heath Park is not just about addressing the future; it’s about contributing to the global effort to tackle climate challenges. The project aligns with key principles, ensuring sustainability in how buildings, water, and energy are sourced and used.

🚀 Innovative Transformation Journey:

The Heath Business and Technical Park has been a successful venture since its acquisition by SOG Ltd in 2000. However, challenges such as aging infrastructure, energy inefficiency, and funding gaps necessitate a forward-looking approach. Heath Park is the catalyst—a privately funded initiative to future-proof the site for generations to come.