Exciting News! The future of Heath Park is taking shape.

An outline planning application has been submitted to Halton Borough Council, paving the way for a groundbreaking transformation.

The initiative has garnered preliminary endorsement from the planners at Halton Council through pre-application approval. Additionally, SOG’s masterplan has achieved notable acclaim, securing two prestigious national awards for urban regeneration. Specifically, these accolades were attained in the Small to Midscale Masterplans category at the National Urban Design Awards 2023 and the Festival of Place: Pineapple Award 2022.

🌐 Securing Global Investments

SOG is in active engagement with potential global investors, aiming to secure the necessary financing to actualize the Heath Park vision. With planning approval anticipated in February 2024, the acceleration into the financing phase is imminent.

🚀 Green Light for Investment in 2024

SOG envisions the receipt of the green light for investment in 2024, marking the initiation of the Heath Park program in early 2025. Brace yourself for a phased development that will rejuvenate the site, reaching completion by 2030.

🏛 Significance of Outline Planning Permission

Why does Outline Planning Permission matter? It transcends a mere stamp of approval; it serves as the key to unlocking interest from investors and developers eager to contribute to the Heath Park legacy. This permission delineates the fundamental principles of the scheme, laying the groundwork for the right partnerships. Heath Park extends beyond physical structures; it involves active engagement with business residents and the community. Your input holds significance as we meticulously plan each phase.

🏗️ Your Voice in the Construction Symphony

While the construction sequence aligns with the rhythm set by investors and developers, your voice remains integral. The outline proposal unfolds across six distinct phases, commencing with a housing development on the north site and blossoming into new community and leisure facilities on the main site.