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The Vision

SOG has unveiled plans to turn its site into Heath Park. Heath Park will be a sustainable, futuristic environment where people can live, work and play. Heath Park is a dream opportunity for ethical investors to be part of one of

Liverpool City Region’s ‘Beacon Projects’.

The site will become an internationally recognised environment designed to take a holistic approach to some of the key issues facing society such as poverty, loneliness, life expectancy and sustainable employment.

Environmental sustainability is also key. SOG’s vision is to transform The Heath into a Net Zero Carbon environment, well in advance of regional and national targets.

Designed for a balanced life

Health and wellbeing will be central to the vision of Heath Park with buildings, landscape, streetscape and open spaces being designed to support an active, balanced and connected community.


Heath Park will create buildings and homes that offer a comfortable environment, in which people will live and work. Buildings will be designed to maximise daylight, ventilation, privacy and changing circumstances, whilst minimising factors such as crime.


Heath Park will be investing in people and communities in order to change lives through encouraging healthy and active living. This includes a cycle-friendly environment, opportunities for exercise, access to fresh food, safe neighbourhoods and access to local facilities including health services.


Heath Park will be designed and managed in a way that encourages the growth of a mixed, strong community. This includes projects that will nurture community life whilst facilitating social contact, respect amongst residents and incorporating a flexible work/life balance.


Neighbourhoods will offer spaces that create opportunities for community life to flourish. Public spaces will be designed to nurture a vibrant street life, with community facilities incorporating communal courtyards and shared spaces. Homes will also benefit from private external space and extra internal living spaces.


Heath Park will design and create buildings, spaces and homes to preserve distinctive identities, whilst ensuring visual interests and promoting opportunities for learning, skills development and new interests.

Diversity and Equality

Heath Park will be designed and managed in such a way that benefits the whole community. Through an equal, balanced environment, residents will be able to build and nurture their aspirations for the future, whilst having access to employment and affordability of facilities.


Our vision takes on the challenge of sustainability in its widest form encompassing the environment, the community and the economy. Sustainable employment is the bedrock of the current site and we will integrate sustainable, healthy and cohesive communities in a way that minimises our impact on the local and wider environment.

Low Carbon

Environmental sustainability is key. Heath Park aims to be a carbon free environment, accelerating beyond national and regional performance targets. National, regional and local governments have stated their desire to be carbon neutral. To comply to this requires radical thinking and vision by landlords and property developers.

Sustainable Transport

Heath Park will reduce the need to travel by providing safe cycle and walking routes for frequent journeys and recreation. A reduction in travel will be achieved by nearby transport links, car and cycle services and supporting flexible working to reduce commuting and shopping related journeys.

Minimal waste

Heath Park will minimise and promote sustainable resource use from design to occupation. Through an effective Site Waste Management Plan and working closely with commercial occupiers to minimise waste, Heath Park aims to significantly increase the recycling rate for occupiers.


Heath Park will actively promote local, seasonal, sustainably sourced and fairly traded foods, whilst incorporating food spaces in surrounding areas. Local occupiers will be able to make positive choices about where food comes from by becoming involved in local food growing projects.


Environmental impact will be minimal through careful design and sourcing of construction materials. To minimise C02 emissions, local sourcing of materials will be used when possible. Materials will be used sustainably and creatively, whilst avoiding exposure to potential health and environmental risks.


Efficient use of water resources will be integrated into Heath Park design. Heath Park will use water saving measures to minimise water use, whilst developing an effective strategy to recycle water. Surrounding neighbourhoods will be protected from flooding through an effective Water Resource Strategy.

Urban Design

Heath Park will be a place where streets and public realm with open green spaces are created, and that will be buzzing with life and used by all. Our vision is to have spaces that encourage activity, support local enterprise and bring people together, all of which will be influenced by SOG’s International RIBA competition.

Streets as Places

Heath Park will be a place that will generate activity, creating areas that are busy with life. Neighbourhoods will be placed on a hierarchy of streets that will act as places as well as general routes, which will in turn provoke different feelings and reactions.

Public Space

Shaping streets and spaces are key to Heath Park. Neighbourhoods will be full of activity that create a ‘sense of place’ to visitors by creating memorable spaces by exploiting views, whilst being well proportioned and scaled.

Density and Mix

Heath Park will accommodate a range of healthy activities. The public realm strategy will develop a hierarchy of spaces alongside the street hierarchy in terms of using green and blue space as part of the wider strategy to create opportunities for play and recreation.


Heath Park will create a place that is distinctive in design. Working closely with award-winning designers and key stakeholders, design diversity will be implemented into buildings and spaces which will reflect quality and distinctiveness in all aspects.

Integrating Nature

In order to improve the quality of the urban environment, Heath Park will create green infrastructure that reconnects people with nature, creating a healthier, happier urban environment, whilst creating a greater respect for biodiversity.


SOG’s vision for Heath Park is to create a place that plays a key part in the transformation of the area, with both local neighbourhoods and the wider economy benefiting greatly, reflecting the needs of local stakeholders; residential, community and business. From previous experience, SOG proves this vision can be realised.

Right Location

Heath Park benefits from a well-connected location in close proximity to public transport, motorways and two growing international airports – Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport, both within a 30-minute drive.

Building on community and history

Heath Park will understand the local area, its people and culture. Through local knowledge, the team understands the surrounding economy, local initiatives, sustainability, environmental risks and the townscape of the area.

Engaging with stakeholders

Heath Park will engage with stakeholders and communities of interest through an effective, clear strategy. Stakeholders will be consulted in the formative stages, whilst shaping and designing the project. Heath Park will work together with the local community, whilst minimising conflict and disagreements.

Growing the Neighbourhood

Heath Park will respond to local housing needs, choices and aspirations, making places more attractive for both existing residents and for people moving. Facilities, amenities and services will be within walking distance, whilst changes and demands will be anticipated over time.

Managing Places and Spaces

Heath Park will put in place local management structures for buildings, spaces and buildings. Through outward looking, the wider community will be supported by encouragement of sustainable initiatives. Ongoing programmes will be implemented to support the local community and animate spaces.

Economic Contribution

Heath Park will play an active role in strengthening the local community by using local knowledge. An environment will be created which nurtures cooperation and creates opportunities for the community to thrive, whilst ensuring inward investors take a pro-active role in supporting the economy.