Welcome to the Future of Living at Heath Park – where innovation meets sustainability in a 21st-century Port Sunlight approach! We’re not just envisioning a place; we’re redefining how people can live, work, and play, putting their needs and the environment at the forefront.

Our journey began with a vision. SOG commissioned the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to launch an international competition, seeking ground-breaking solutions for the transformation of The Heath Business and Technical Park. The response was phenomenal, with over 50 submissions from creative minds worldwide.

πŸ” Evidence-Backed Design:

The winning design, meticulously crafted under the guidance of Liverpool and Lancaster University academics, ensures that every aspect is supported by evidence and expert advice. The development’s backbone comprises physical and digital networks connecting business and community, rendering it resilient and adaptable to contemporary challenges.

🌿 Sustainability at the Core:

Heath Park transcends being just a place; it’s a commitment to healthy living within a Net Zero environment. Through collaboration with Vertex Hydrogen and its Hynet programme, we aspire to create a Net Carbon Zero community that addresses the challenges of social justice, environmental responsibility, and economic sustainability.

🌱 Urban Oasis Vertical Farm:

One of the key highlights is our ground-breaking proposal for an Urban Oasis Vertical Farm, powered by hydrogen or other renewable sources. SOG’s partnership with Farm Urban, a leading authority on vertical farming, showcases the potential of growing ‘Net Zero’ produce.

The Urban Oasis concept by Farm Urban, co-founded by Dr. Paul Myers, aims to revolutionise the industry by transforming cities, towns, and organisations into greener, healthier, and more inclusive spaces. Vertical farming ensures fresh produce locally, year-round, with our proposed farm powered by renewable energy for Net Zero produce.

At Heath Park, we’re not merely dreaming; we’re actively building a sustainable haven where innovation thrives, communities flourish, and the environment is at the heart of it all.

🌿 Renewable Energy:

A critical factor in achieving β€˜Net Zero’ is Heath Park’s commitment to utilising renewable energy throughout the programme including its pioneering Urban Oasis Vertical Farm. Partnering with Vertex Hydrogen ensures a sustainable energy supply for Heath Park from the UK’s first low carbon hydrogen plant.

🌟 Be Part of the Future:

Be part of the future where living, working, and playing are redefined for the 21st century!