Guide to Investors Information

Heath Park presents investors wanting to invest in the opportunity to deliver a visionary community concept for future living in a fully inclusive and ecologically sound ‘live, work and play’ environment.

The Heath Park vision is the culmination of more than three years of methodical research and effort that has been validated every step of the way by a team of experts, including leading academics from Liverpool and Lancaster Universities, to give potential investors the assurance that Heath Park is a viable and deliverable scheme with impeccable ethical credentials.

The investor information is designed to give potential investors everything they need to know to:

  • Understand what is being offered.
  • Understand the vision for the project.
  • Gain an appreciation of the results of over 3 year’s prework and significant investment on the part of the vendor.
  • Gain confidence that everything is in place to ensure that the project can be delivered by the investor in stages and quickly, without obstacle and achieve an excellent financial return plus world standard ethical output, without the usual pre-application costs.

Section One is Freely available to view or download

Section two requires the completion of a non-disclosure agreement

Section One


This information is password protected which will be provided on completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement


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