Welcome to Heath Park

Heath Park: Revolutionising future living with a visionary ‘Net Zero’ Urban Oasis

Experience the exciting vision that unfolds as The Heath Business and Technical Park undergoes a remarkable transformation into Heath Park—a vibrant testament to ingenuity sparked by a global architectural competition. This visionary project invites innovators to craft a sustainable and futuristic environment that promises to revolutionise our way of life. Recognised with prestigious awards and endorsed by the UK Government, this masterplan is poised to reshape our living, working, and recreational spaces.

SOG Ltd are excited to share their vision through an initial planning application, paving the way for further enhancements through extensive discussions in the subsequent detailed planning stage. Let’s embrace the positive changes on the horizon and collectively contribute to the evolution of this ground-breaking development.


Heath Park emerges from meticulous research, winning prestigious awards, and gaining ‘Beacon Project’ status from Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram. This visionary project, akin to the 21st-century Port Sunlight, focuses on sustainability, health, and community.


Situated in Runcorn, Cheshire, Heath Park addresses the challenges faced by The Heath Business and Technical Park, transforming it into a vibrant ‘Net Zero’ carbon environment. The masterplan includes ultra-efficient housing, parklands, leisure, retail and business facilities, and a world-leading Vertical Farm, all designed with a focus on healthy well-being and environmental impact.


Centrally located between Liverpool, Manchester, and Chester, Heath Park enjoys excellent transport links. With appeal to visitors and businesses alike, Runcorn is strategically positioned for connectivity to the rest of the UK, Europe, and the Americas.


With an outline planning application submitted and scheduled for consideration in early 2024, it’s anticipated Heath Park will become a reality by 2030. Planning pre-approval and discussions with global investors signal a transformative journey that aligns with sustainable urban regeneration.


Spearheaded by SOG Ltd, led by Merseyside businessman John Lewis MBE DL, Heath Park is backed by a team committed to preserving the Business and Technical Park’s legacy. John Lewis’s dedication to wellbeing challenges led to the creation of a vision recognised by Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram as a ‘Beacon Project.’


Heath Park’s realism is affirmed by a rigorous examination of its commercial viability, involving experts like BNP Paribas. The masterplan, developed in collaboration with academic institutions, emphasises social values, health and well-being, environmental responsibility, and economic sustainability.

Renewable Energy

A critical factor in achieving ‘Net Zero’ is Heath Park’s commitment to utilising renewable energy throughout the programme including its pioneering Urban Oasis Vertical Farm. Partnering with Vertex Hydrogen ensures a sustainable energy supply for Heath Park from the UK’s first low carbon hydrogen plant.